Letter from the Chair

Fellow Democrats!
Each of us has a unique story behind why we choose to be a Democrat and what motivates us to participate in safe-guarding the American freedoms that we hold dear. With modern politics resting on a foundation that seemingly shifts daily and our political landscape venturing into uncharted territory, now, more than ever, it is time to be actively engaged in the business of being a Democrat. Thank you for finding your way to our website!

It is so important to show up!
How are we to achieve great things in our community and beyond unless we show up?
And how do we show up?
First and foremost, we vote! But we also plan fundraisers, stuff envelopes, sign petitions, make phone calls, canvass neighborhoods, knock doors, register voters, drive voters, feed volunteers, cut walking turfs, maintain headquarters, lead meetings, attend public hearings, write op-eds, share on social media, serve on boards, committees & commissions, attend conventions, organize vigils & rallies, make donations, give in-kind, push for legislation, run for office, and get elected. Yes, we do all that!
Let’s always keep in mind what each of us does individually so as a whole we continue to get stronger. The stronger we get as a Party, the more we can accomplish together.
It is honor it is to serve as the Chair of the Danbury Democratic Town Committee. I hope to enlist your help in building a strong Blue Wave in Danbury and beyond!

With Kindest Regards,

Andrea Gartner, Chairman
Danbury Democratic Town Committee

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