Support your Stop and Shop Workers

Hat’s off to striking United Food and Commercial Workers Local 371 who trying to maintain what they have when it comes to healthcare, pensions, and time and a half on Sundays! They have been working since February without a contract and the decision to strike came after months of negotiating failed.

Help support their cause:

(1) SHARE INFORMATION about the strike. The decision to strike is not easy, and when workers make that decision, it is because there are some real issues.

(2) HONK – When you drive by Stop & Shop, tap on your horn, give thumbs up. A friendly beep shows support and encourages workers. Honks and other words of encouragement lift the spirits.

(3) WALK WITH WORKERS – Join workers on the picket line.

(4) SIGN their PETITION and PLEDGE your support.

(5) DO NOT CROSS THE PICKET LINES. Even if you’re not supportive, find an alternative grocery store. The strikers are friends, neighbors & family who are fighting for basic benefits on behalf of all of us.

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