Dennis is a lifelong resident of Danbury. He’s proud to be a product of Danbury Public Schools and successfully achieved higher education at Western Connecticut State University.

For the past 10 years, he has been employed by the State of Connecticut as an Examiner Specialist for the Department of Motor Vehicles. In the entrepreneurial spirit, he also owns and operate a Bail Bonds and a Sports and Entertainment company in Danbury. Dennis understands the challenges and rewards of being a small business owner and the impact such businesses have on our local economy.

Throughout his adult life, he has been giving back to our community by working to aid the young and elders alike to promote and ensure a better City for all of us. Dennis understands the struggles of working people as he is one of us as well. Dennis is committed to meeting you, hearing your concerns and ideas, and representing you and our neighbors as the Councilmen who listens.


Keeping Our Neighborhoods Safe & Secure is Key to a Strong City!

Dennis believes in…:

Properly funding our public schools to address overcrowding

Ensuring police and fire have the resources to keep our area safe

Regularly maintaining our neighborhood roads

Reducing the cost of living and doing business in our City


FOR MORE INFO: 203-482-3005 or

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