Joseph W. Britton

Joe is someone that knows not only the value of hard work and dedication, but incredible responsibility and importance of serving, supporting and giving back to the community. From a very early age, he has always been one to find extracurricular activities in support of those ideals. Consistently excelling at baseball, soccer, hockey and lacrosse, he got his first job during his middle school days at age 12 having been asked to referee both youth soccer and hockey in Danbury. During his years at Danbury High School, he was accepted into the peer leadership program and as part of the “Celebrate My Drive” contest helped win the school a $100K grant used toward safe driving education and school equipment. At age 16 he began working at Big Y Foods and continues to work there on his breaks from school and has since been one of the lead bakers in the Stony Hill supermarket.
Since his college years began, Joseph has been involved as a volunteer with the Visiting Veterans program in NYC based out of the College of Mount Saint Vincent, he volunteers with the college “Green Team” focused on campus environmental conservation and litter removal, he is the Public Relations director for the college theater club, is actively involved with the campus ministry department and is currently the college senior class Vice-President.
For the past three years, Joseph is incredibly proud to act as Administrative Assistant to Father Christopher Keenan, OFM; Chaplain of the NYC Fire Department. Additionally, he is not only working as an Intern at the Greenwich Police Department but also served as a Counselor for the Department’s Youth Citizens Police Academy Camp.
His desire to serve the community and its citizens led him to volunteer with the Danbury Democratic Party in 2015. His time with the organization has inspired him to bring all his experiences and ideals together and pursue them on a larger scale to help benefit the needs of all the communities that make up the home town he loves so very much.
It’s time for a new generation of Danbury Hatters to step up to lead our great city.


Joe has stepped up and is a member of of the Board of Education. He deserves to continue in that role.

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