Democrats Coming Home

It has been a very exciting year for Danbury Democrats!


The galvanizing energy for people to get involved locally surged post 2016 elections and that energy is still thriving. With modern politics still resting on a foundation that shifts daily and a political landscape that continues to venture into uncharted territory, now is the time to be engaged in the Danbury Democratic party. Whether you’re an activist or armchair Democrat, thank you for your support during the 2016 election.


The key is Danbury Democrats are showing up! And we are showing up in big ways. We show up online, in our neighborhoods, and at community events. We’re speaking at public hearings, standing beside union strikers, and legislating at the State capitol.


With the excitement surrounding the municipal elections, we are on our way to achieving great things in our city. From the top of the ticket to the bottom, let’s support our candidates and our party so that we can continue to expand our leadership. By working together, we’ll have a voice in setting community priorities and how our taxes are spent.



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