Councilman Frank Salvatore Jr. explains his bond vote.

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Last night, the City Council voted on the SNAPP-2020 Bond. During the discussion period, I and four other Democratic Councilmen advocated for a comment period that was BEFORE the vote rather than after the vote as the motion called for. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way things are being done and your ability to vote on the bond package was one such casualty of it.
In the end, I voted yes for the infrastructure and schools bond package. I believe this bond package would pass if it would have been put before the voters. You will still have an opportunity to voice your concern to tell us if the vote of the council was your wish or not. Please don’t allow the fact that the majority of the council did not feel your comments before the vote was necessary stop you from sending comments. They’re banking that you will decide not to speak up because the vote is done. Just as I’m accountable for the vote I cast, so are we all. Your duty as a constituent is to let us know, good or bad, that’s why we live in a representative democracy. I will post on this page the information once it is available.

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