Al for Mayor Announcement

Al Almeida Candidate for Mayor

March 21, 2017
Danbury, Connecticut
Thank you all for attending’ tonight’s event.
I want to thank my family, especially my children Rachel, Allyson and Brian for being there for me, my fiancée, Carlita and her children, my parents, and my friends and co¬workers for keeping it real for me. I would like to thank the Democratic Town Committee team for believing in me and for your ultimate support of which I ask for this evening. And, I thank God who has paved the way for me in the many challenges and opportunities I have encountered in my personal life and career that has led me to be here before you today.
Ladies and gentlemen, the story of my life is not about the entirety of my life, but merely a story. I’m a proven example of what the “American Dream” is about. Starting in Danbury as a young immigrant with strong family values, I have risen to high levels of leadership through various life experiences.
This year’s election is not about Democrats or Republicans alone, it’s about all of Danbury. Danbury has unlimited potential to be the role model for other cities in Connecticut, but to do so it must elect a new leader that has a new vision, who is innovative, motivated, and driven and devoted solely to the mission of bettering Danbury.
For the past number of years, too many areas that require undivided attention and focus have been neglected by the current administration. Danbury should not play second fiddle to a Mayor that has other aspirations as he takes a bite at the gubernatorial apple for the third time. The Office of the Mayor should not be a consolation prize for someone that has interests elsewhere.
I personally wish the Mayor the best as he ventures outside of Danbury, but Danburians deserve a leader that is focused solely on serving all of us. Danbury deserves a leader that understands the reality of families that struggle daily to provide sustenance, pay for their children’s education, and strive to realize their dreams.
Danbury taxpayers have seen an increase in property taxes since our current Mayor entered office. In the past 8 years alone, Danburians have paid an increase on average of 4.74% per year while, in the last 4 years, the jump went from 3.5% to 19.38%; a 15.9% increase. Danbury residents see taxes go up and services dwindle or deteriorate at best.
There are many needs in Danbury, but we must concentrate on those that will provide more government accessibility, a better quality of life, equal and stronger education for all our children, enhanced police protection and public safety, a freeze on property taxes and fees at affordable rates, a rejuvenated downtown, and wisely planned investment in our infrastructure.
We need a revitalized redevelopment program for various areas in our city, in its center and beyond. We need an in-depth traffic plan that addresses innovative ways to ease the burden of traffic, safety and its economic impact. We need City Hall open to the public on Fridays. We need leadership that is fresh and vibrant.
Danbury has unlimited potential that must capture and capitalize on these opportunities now. To do so, we need new leadership with a new vision. I want and need your support to be that leader.
As a taxpayer, I’ve not seen a good return on my investment. So if you’re asking what motivates me to lead Danbury, it is my desire to serve something greater than myself. As a lifetime in service to others, it’s time for me to offer to be the servant leader of the wonderful people in the greatest city in Connecticut.
Somewhere along my career others thought of me as a leader. Simply, I saw myself as someone doing what needed to be done. My successes have not been centered on my needs, but on the needs of others and those of my community, state and nation.
Ladies and gentlemen, tonight I officially and proudly announce my candidacy for Mayor of Danbury as a Democrat, but please remember that, like you, I’m a Danburian first and foremost. My allegiance will always be to my family, the Danbury family and to the success of our city as your Mayor.
Thank you for being here with me tonight and may God Bless Danbury, the State of Connecticut, and the United States of America.