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 October 23, 2017

For Immediate Release

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DANBURY – Democratic candidate for Mayor, Al Almeida, has proposed the implementation of a comprehensive traffic study and plan to include recommendations for major city road improvements to relieve traffic congestion that is beleaguering our city. A dedicated Road and Traffic Improvement Bond Issue will include various recommendations derived from this plan’s findings as an investment in our future.

“Traffic congestion has an extremely negative impact on commerce, our local economy, environment, and public safety, Almeida said. “A dedicated traffic and road improvement plan has not been implemented in Danbury in years. Meanwhile, the city grows in population adding to more congestion with a major interstate highway bisecting our community,” he added.

“Danbury is one of the largest cities in Connecticut in terms of square mileage and city–owned roads,”

Almeida stated. “Our future growth and quality of life depends upon a safe and efficient travel system.

As Mayor, I will immediately employ traffic experts to collect traffic data, conduct a traffic impact analysis with methodologies for change, outline mitigation measures, and provide travel forecasting so improvements made today will work tomorrow.”

This plan includes a comprehensive look at the impact I-84 poses on our local roads when an incident occurs on the highway. Gridlock ensues and currently there is no detour route plan in place or traffic control system to address these situations. It also will include a review of signalization, public transit enhancement opportunities, the development of bicycle paths, and a plan to convert, where possible, the city fleet of vehicles and school buses to electric vehicles (EV’s).

“Vehicles idling in traffic have a negative impact on our air quality and environment. EV’s are here and will be more prevalent in coming years. We must ‘think big’ with a look to the future of our city. Our economic vitality is stifled by traffic congestion among other factors that affect our current and future quality of life. My goal is to develop a more desirable and livable city that will attract quality jobs, protect our neighborhoods, and add value to the investments our residents and businesses have made and will make,” Almeida concluded.

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