(click on pictures to learn more about each candidate)


City Treasurer

Town Clerk

Chris Setaro
Kate Johnson
Andrea Gartner

*** City Council At Large Candidates ***

Wilson Hernandez

Tim Gaburungyi

Helena Abrantes

Bob Taborsak

Anjali Illescas

Frank Salvatore, Jr.

Roberto Alves

*** City Council Ward Candidates ***

1st Ward

Dennis Perkins, Jr.

George O’Loughlin

2nd Ward

Kirsten Kovacs-Hardy

Elvis Novas

3rd Ward

Mary Consoli

Carol Thibodeau


John Esposito III

Farley Santos

5th Ward

Fred Visconti

Duane Perkins

6th Ward

Ben Chianese

Paul Taylor Rotello

7th Ward

Rich Molinaro

Fidel Hombra

*** Board of Education ***

Two YearTerm

Joe DaSilva, Jr.

Kathy Molinaro


** Four Year Term Candidates **

Joseph W. Britton
Kate Conetta>
Gladys B. Cooper

*** Zoning Commission Candidates ***

Wayne Skelly
James Kelly
Richard Jowdy
Candace Fay
Henry Hall
Sidney Almeida
Theodore J. Haddad, Jr.
Ryan Hawley
Don T. Troiano


*** Zoning Commission Alternate Candidates ***

Rolando Castro
Nelson Merchan III

*** Constable Candidates ***

Butch Colidarci
Francis Kieras
Nicole Cossit-Levy

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