Party Events

March 12 7:30 pm Danbury Democratic Town Committee regularly Scheduled Meeting. The public is invited.
161 Main St. Danbury

Due to weather Ken’s fundraiser has been moved to March 15th graciously hosted by The Atlantic Restaurant:


Community Events


March 17 – St. Patrick’s Day – Flag raising at Danbury City Hall at Noon followed by events at venues throughout Danbury. For more information visit:

March 17 – Danbury Music Center Concert – Marion Anderson Recital Hall at 7:30PM. for more info and tickets contact 203-748-1716. ($25 pp)

March 24 – Volunteer Firefighter Ball beginning at 6:45PM at the Amber Room. For more info and ticket contact 203-470-6738 ($65 pp).

March 25 – Danbury St. Patrick’s Day Parade at 3PM beginning at St. Peter’s Church and ending at the Greater Danbury Irish Cultural Center.

March 29 – Jericho’s Good Samaritan Mission Breakfast at the Ethan Allen at 7:30AM. For information on sponsorship pricing contact 203-748-4764 (208).

March 29 – Vietnam Memorial Service & Monument Rededication at Roger’s Park at 10AM


April 3 – Danbury City Council Meeting beginning at 7:30PM at Danbury City Hall 3rd Floor.

April 6 – Women’s Center Gala honoring Ingersoll Automotive and Celebrating Patricia Zachman beginning at 6:00PM at the Amber Room. For sponsorship opportunities and tickets contact 203-731-5200 (232)

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