DANBURY, C.T. — Today, Democratic candidate for Mayor Roberto Alves, State Senator Julie Kushner, and Democratic Town Committee Chairman Larry Riefberg released the following statements on Peter Morrison & Associates’ report on the Republican Supermajority’s proposed redistricting map.
The report (attached), completed by professional demographer Peter Morrison & Associates dated March 2nd, clearly states that the Republican Supermajority’s proposed plan would violate the Federal Voting Rights Act in more ways than one including racially packing districts and fundamentally changing the electoral makeup of Danbury.
“The Republican attempt to politically gerrymander Danbury and create racially-packed districts is abhorrent, and it was never intended to benefit our city,” said Roberto Alves. “After six weeks of questions and public outcry, an expert has determined in no uncertain terms that the map proposed by the Mayor’s Republican Supermajority would violate the Federal Voting Rights Act,” continued Alves,
“Why are the Mayor and the GOP refusing to answer questions about their attempt to strengthen and expand their majority? Why didn’t they consider the proposed Democratic map that was significantly fairer and racially balanced? Why did they violate the city charter by failing to file a map by the March 1 deadline? – Danbury deserves answers, and we’re not going to stop until we get them.” concluded Alves.
“Good governance means being honest with the people you represent, inviting conversation and open dialogue, and acting in the best interests of the people regardless of race, identity, religion, socioeconomic status, or party,” said Senator Julie Kushner, “Instead, elected leaders of the Republican party in Danbury have chosen to create voting districts that would secure their control of the City Council. That’s not good governance, it’s dishonest and there’s nothing transparent about it.” concluded Kushner.
“Republicans got themselves into this mess when they decided they wanted to play politics and ensure they stayed in power for the next decade or more,” said Democratic Chair Larry Riefberg. “It’s either incompetence or ignorance, and neither is a good thing. What were the costs associated with hiring experts to assess a blatantly gerrymandered map? The Republican Supermajority has gone unchecked for too long, and we’re going to hold them accountable in November.” concluded Riefberg.
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