Joshua Spencer

Joshua Spencer is a Production Supervisor at 21st Century FOX and Blue Sky Animation Studios. He has spent over 8 years in Danbury with his wife, Susan, and 4 year old son, Noah. He relishes in his childhood memories of living in the Lowell, MA area where he saw a city’s downtown community reinvent itself with its hard working middle class citizens, watching small business opportunities thrive, local youth grow academically and professionally, and with the current surrounding entertainment opportunities blossoming.
Joshua grew interested in serving the people of Danbury during the recent Off Track Betting (OTB) debates in the City Council. He doesn’t believe that gambling is the most successful first step to bring a community and families back to the center of our city. Joshua has devoted time to volunteering for great causes in the past all over the country, such as the Phil Angelides campaign for Governor, in California, and various campaigns for Amnesty International and the ACLU. He understands it’s about the cause, not about the win. He believes the heart of Danbury is with the people and the soul of its community is in the Downtown area.
Joshua wants to help all Democrats on the Zoning Commission work together to make Danbury a place where everyone can enjoy and be safe.
We need dedicated residents like Joshua who want to serve our city.