February, 2017

An Open Letter to City Officials, Community Leaders, and Fellow Danburians

This past November 8th, thousands of Danburians went to the polls to cast their votes discharging their precious right of American citizenship within our treasured democracy.

Subsequent to Election Day and now Inauguration Day, the officers and members of the Danbury Democratic Town Committee have heard from many people in our community who are struggling to reconcile with this past election’s result and what it may mean for our city and our nation. People have expressed their fears, worries and, yes, anger about the future. There have been restless times and difficult conversations, especially with children and young adults.

Danbury has not been immune from incidents of racial intimidation and hate speech that have risen sharply across our country through this past election cycle and after.

Regardless of party affiliation or whom you and our city leaders supported for President, our city’s people remain in need of consolation and leadership. Danbury is a strong city because of our diversity: the diversity of our people and our cultures, the diversity of our geography and neighborhoods, and diversity of our local economy among others.

We believe that Danbury historically has been, and must forever be, a city that is welcoming to people of all backgrounds and identities and where intimidation and bullying have no place and will never be tolerated. Now is the time to reassert our basic and shared values of civility, decency and compassion.

The tone within any community is set at the top. The Danbury Democratic Town Committee will not stay seated or be silent regarding acts of hatred or intimidation in our community, regardless of who occupies the White House or controls the majority of our government nationally, statewide or locally. Women and children, college students and people of all ages, religions, race, and ethnicities have the right to live and thrive in our community while always feeling safe.

Generally, Danbury has been a place of tolerance and openness. Let us together reaffirm this vitally important character of our city and enhance and preserve its reputation as a place for all people, a place for opportunity, and a place for respectful and peaceful coexistence.


The Officers and Members of the Danbury Democratic Town Committee