William Love Jr. is a lifelong resident of the city of Danbury. He is a graduate of Danbury High School ‘97 and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and a minor in Sociology from Ashford University, graduating Magna Cum Laude.
Throughout his career, Will has held local retail positions, most notably as a manager of the bookstore at Western Connecticut University for nearly nine years. During this time, he developed a strong relationship with the university community. Will volunteered to be an advisor of the WCSU Gay/Straight Alliance, consistently donating his time and efforts to the group. When hate crimes occurred on campus directed toward members of the GSA, he assisted in planning a silent protest against hate. The event garnered local and national media attention via the Huffington Post. Currently, Will works as a Welcome Center Specialist at Cartus, a global relocation management company headquartered in Danbury.
Will has always been a civic-minded person, one that believes in the greater good. Supporting equality for all regardless of race, religious affiliation, gender/sexual identity, or citizenship status. One that believes in a government that works for all of its citizens and not just a select group. Believing in a government that knows the importance an education plays in shaping the future leaders of our world.
The current political climate has inspired Will to take a stand and run for local office. Since the fall of 2016, Will has helped form the Greater Danbury Area Justice Network, with whom he worked to put together a candlelight vigil against bigotry, racism, and xenophobia. With this organization, Will assisted with execueting the Day Without Immigrants, Dining Out for Justice, as well as the No Hate in the Hat City campaign, to further support minority groups left feeling disenfranchised by the current administration. The Greater Danbury Area Justice Network also worked with Connecticut Students for a Dream, Association of Religious Communities, Connecticut Immigrants’ Rights Association, as well as many of the local unions to plan a May Day rally to stand up for both worker and immigrant rights.
As Councilman, Will hopes to further the ongoing revitalization of CityCenter, strengthening our local economy. Working to update our infrastructure by reevaluating the city’s current taxation and spending, and protecting the rights of all of our citizens. To find out more about Will and get involved, email WillLoveForDanbury@gmail.com or visit his page @WillLoveForDanbury



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